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Homeless Women Veterans Struggle to Be Seen

Date Posted: Sunday, April 2, 2017

Category: Housing/Experiencing Homelessness - National

This article offers a limited-time opportunity to complete a university Institutional Review Board-approved survey intended to gather more information about housing challenges women veterans may experience after leaving the military. The fastest growing cohort of homeless veterans are women veterans. This article explores the nation's stereotype of who a homeless veteran is and how this impacts who volunteers approach during annual accounts of homeless persons. Interviews with women veterans indicate that their "invisibility" started while serving in the military and being "discounted" continued after leaving military service. Oregon's Women Veterans Coordinator encourages all to be intentionally inclusive women veterans in all veteran activities. Without representation in media, womens' roles in the military will continue to be marginalized and trivialized. Better responses to housing instability are possible with better research.

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