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Veterans have opportunities to bring firsthand knowledge of military and veteran experiences to the table.  Your participation can contribute to passing better informed laws and guide the development of policies, rules, and regulations in their state.

States may have standing and/or ad hoc veteran committees, councils, commissions, caucuses or other means to act on veteran issues.  The state Department of Veterans Affairs is a key participant and can identify who represents veterans in legislatures.

You can follow your state and federal legislators' activities, stay current, and access helpful tools. Let your legislators know what is on your mind via e-mail, letter, a call, and/or a visit.

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Some questions to think about to familiarize yourself with your state legislature's veteran activities:

  • Does your Governor "speak military and veteran?" Current on issues?  Who is the Governor's lead military and veteran advocate?  Staffer?
  • Are veterans represented by a designated legislative body? Standing?  Ad hoc? Joint committee? House and Senate committees?  Are veterans assigned to it?
  • How are proposed bills published, where, and in a timely manner to promote veteran engagement?
  • Is there a veterans' caucus?  Who participates?
  • Does your state support a well-staffed and funded Veterans Affairs office able to respond to legislative requests for veteran-related information, initiate and oversee veteran legislation and programs, publish veteran laws, and plan for future generations?
  • Is there a state hired or appointed women veterans coordinator, liaison, or commissioner? 
  • Are there any other organizations or groups in your state with veteran-focused legislative agendas and platforms?