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Map: Veteran Services in Maine Cities & Towns

This map offers a pictorial snapshot of federal and state veteran services in Maine cities and towns.

It should be noted that the Maine Veterans' Homes is a public, not-for-profit organization created by the 108th Maine legislature in July, 1977.

Map of Maine Veteran Services--Copyright Permission Received--25 Oct 2016

Maine VA Healthcare System: Phone Directory

This is the Maine VA online "A to Z" phone directory.

External Website: Maine VA Phone Directory

Maine VA Healthcare System: Your Personal Guide

Your Personal Guide to Maine VA Healthcare System is an online resource of contact, health care services, and benefits information.  Eligibility and enrollment information for veterans with active duty, Reserves and Guard as well as OEF/OIF/OND combat veteran time is included.

VA Maine Healthcare System

Address1 VA Center
Augusta, ME 04330

Phone:  207-623-8411
Toll Free Phone:  1-877-421-8263

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Maine Healthcare System has a medical center located in Augusta and 11 outpatient clinics in the state.

External Website: Maine VA Personal Guide

Maine VA Healthcare System: Management Advisory Committee Meetings

Maine VA leadership hosts a quarterly veteran update.  It begins with a  video teleconference with the Veteran Integrated Services Network 1 (VISN 1) Director and other VISN 1 participants.  The Maine VA Medical Center Director leads the follow-on meeting.  Maine VA staff, including the Women Veterans Program Manager, Veteran Service Organizations, and other interested veteran agencies attend.

Meeting Dates:  1st Wednesday in February, May, August, and November (may be cancelled due to inclement weather)

Location:  Maine VA, One VA Center, Augusta, Maine

Contact:  Carol A. Rogers at

Maine VA Management Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes--4 Nov 2015

External Website: Maine VA Home Page

Maine Department of Health & Human Services: Veteran Resources

The Maine Department of Health and Human Resources posts and extensive list of programs and contact information titled "Resources for Maine Veterans, Soldiers, and Their Famlies." 

External Website: Maine Department of Health and Human Services Veteran Resources

Outreach Materials: Women Veterans Health Care Toolkit

Need posters and brochures for outreach and networking? The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides an extensive public use-library at their Women Veterans Health Care "Outreach Materials" and "Latest Information Brochures and Publications" online outreach center.

External Website: VA Women Veteran's Health Care Outreach Toolkit

Rural Veteran Coordination Pilot (RCVP): Medical & Mental Health Assistance (September 15, 2014-September 14, 2016)

The Maine Department of Labor, through the Rural Veterans Coordination Pilot (RVCP), help veterans learn about their benefits and coordinate with local partners to ensure veterans and their families receive them. The program duration was planned to be in place from September 15, 2014 to September 14, 2016. As of September 22, 2016 the Maine Department of Labor web page was still active. Call to inquire if benefits are still available. 

If you are a veteran who transitioned from active military service to civilian life in Maine on or after August 26, 2012, you and your family may be eligible for assistance in one or more of the following areas:

Healthcare:  Medical and mental health.

Other areas the program addresses are:

Education:  Matching your skills with educational opportunities.

Employment: Job search and training assistance. A Flexible Employment Fund (FEF) of $200,000 has been created to help transitioning veterans and qualified family members overcome barriers to obtaining or retaining employment. These funds can be used for needs such as: car repairs, transportation, uniforms, tools necessary for a job, and other obstacles to employment.


If you live in Aroostook, Hancock, Knox, Penobscot, Piscataquis, Somerset, Waldo, and Washington Counties:

Bangor CareerCenter:  561-4050 or 1-888-828-0568.

If you live in Androscoggin, Cumberland, Franklin, Kennebec, Lincoln, Oxford, Sagadahoc, and York Counties:

Greater Portland CareerCenter:  822-3300 or 1-877-594-5627.

The Rural Veterans Coordination Pilot (RVCP) is a partnership between the Maine Department of Labor, Department of Defense Veterans and Emergency Management/Bureau of Veterans Services, Maine Military and Community Network, Easter Seals Maine, and Northern Maine Development Commission.

External Website: Maine CareerCenter

"Stay in the Loop" Information Updates: E-Mail Notifications, Subscriptions, & Mobile Applications

Do you want to choose what you wish to stay informed about?  Here are some options:

Maine Transition Assistance:  E-mail Updates

Receive Maine job announcements as well as upcoming Maine military and veteran program and event notices. Add your e-mail address by contacting:

Ms. Wendy J. Moody
Transition Assistance Advisor-Maine
Office: 207.430.5778
Fax: 207.626.4218


Camp Keyes
Augusta ME 04333-0032
Skyline Ultd, Inc - Contractor
194 Winthrop Street
Augusta ME 04333

"Stall Talk" E-Flyer

Receive an e-flyer with quick announcements about Maine military and veteran activities and services.  Add your e-mail address by contacting:

Kyra Darling
Military Family Assistance Center
Work:  207-430-5772
Fax:  207-430-5783
Family Assistance Line:  1-888-365-9287 
DVEM Family Program
#33 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333  Notifications & Subscriptions

E-mail & Text Notifications news, alerts, and updates, are offered via a few free notification services.  Subscribe to receive automatic e-mails for specific topics of interest, including veteran-specific, labor and other state department, news, weather, alerts, lottery numbers, foliage reports, and other updates. RSS Feeds

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA):  Events Portal

This VA portal offers online interactive chat events about VA benefits and services.

VA Events Portal:  Subscription & Reminders

Thrive 2015: Rural Health Annual Report (Department of Veterans Affairs)

The 2015 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Rural Health's "Annual Report" states that there are 5.2 million veterans living in rural U.S. communities with more than 3 million relying on VA services. The states/territories with the highest percentage of rural veterans, in order of greatest to lowest percentage, are: Puerto Rico, Vermont, Montana, Maine, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Thrive 2015: VA Office of Rural Health Annual Report

External Website: Department of Veterans Affairs