About WomenVetsUSA

  • Dedicated to connecting women with active duty, Reserves, and/or Guard military service and their families, caregivers, advocates, and communities to local, state, and federal online resources 24/7.
  • Involved with grassroots, community-based vet-to-vet outreach providing printed resources and assisting with connections to close-to-home services.
  • Committed to providing multi-media information to women veterans, service women, service providers, researchers, educators, historians, lawmakers, grant writers, and other interested persons.
  • A veteran-initiated project...all-volunteer and self-funded.
  • Website designed and hosted by Barnstormer Design Group.


Advance lifelong opportunities for women with military service to prosper with dignity and respect.


Connect women with military service to resources promoting lifelong well-being and self-sufficiency.


WomenVetsUSA believes that when women with military service benefit from these ideals, their families, communities, military and veteran colleagues, country, and other nations are also better served.

  • Achievement and sustainment of lifelong well-being, self-sufficiency, learning, and camaraderie.
  • Equitable access to non-discriminatory professional military and civilian employment opportunities and promotions realized through workplace culture expectations, laws, regulations, policies, validated occupational standards, mentorship, and demonstrated competency.
  • Employment and care in professional military and veteran agencies, organizations, and businesses that do not tolerate, ignore or condone sexual harassment, sexual violence, and sex and labor exploitation and trafficking perpetrated by those they employ--military, civil service, contractors, and civilians--against any human being during peacetime, global conflicts, and wars at home or abroad.
  • Representation, investigation, adjudication, and protection by just and impartial military and civilian federal, state and local law enforcement and justice systems.
  • Access to federal, state and local veteran-responsive incarceration and court programs when justice-involved.
  • Access to inclusive, competent, responsive, and progressive in-person and virtual outreach and referral within communities and through online resources.
  • Access to and availability of professional, gender-proficient physical and mental health care and gender-sensitive caregiving practices cognizant of women’s combat and non-combatant military experiences within all environments of care, including assisted living, short- and long-term care facilities.
  • Purposeful, planned inclusion in military and veteran data collection projects, research agendas, and outreach efforts.
  • Representation on standing and ad hoc military, veteran, state and federal government, community, and professional association boards and commissions.  For women in the military, access to their Uniform and Equipment Board(s) and provision of and access to a full complement of gender-specific non-combat and combat military uniforms, personal protective gear and other related equipment are all vital to unit readiness and lifelong individual health and quality of life.
  • Enhanced public awareness of women's military service through inclusive, informed media communications, advertising, marketing, and associated branding and through public engagement opportunities.
  • Inclusion of women with military service in community activities, services, lawmaking, media, history, and heritage.