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Camaraderie Offsets Trauma for Women Veterans (Article 3 of 4-part Series About Women Veteran Homelessness)

Date Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Category: Housing/Experiencing Homelessness - National

In the third article of this 4-part series, the power of women veterans' peer networks is examined. The "Women Veterans Collaborative" in Los Angeles, California, is an active team of women veterans whose "shoe leather" approach means getting out and about and connecting women veterans experiencing homelessness with services. Their bond is a common mission through action and camaraderie.

A significant percentage of homeless veterans, female and male, are trauma survivors. An "alarming rate" homeless female veterans are military sexual assault and trauma survivors. It is commonly the "elephant in the room" when working with homeless veterans. Male veterans' response to this trauma differs from female veterans. The prevalence of recurring trauma in homeless women veterans' lives is considered "abnormally high." The challenge for those trying to assist is building trust and that is often through camaraderie.

The first two articles of this 4-part series are linked in the last paragraph of this article.

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