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» ALS in the Military (White Paper/February 4, 2013)
The ALS Association reports that current evidence “supports the conclusion that people who have served in the military are at a greater risk of developing ALS and dying from the disease than those with no history of military service.”
» America's Women Veterans: Military Service History & VA Benefit Utilization Statistics (November 2011)
This is a history of women in the military and as Veterans, profiling 2009 women Veteran characteristics and their utilization of VA benefits and services. It examines the future of women Veterans.
» Caring4WomenVeterans: VA Mobile App for Health Care Providers
The Department of Veterans Affairs developed this mobile app to provide both VA and non-VA service providers with tools and resources to better understand women veteran health care needs.
» Congress Should Lift the Statutory Ban that Denies U.S. Servicewomen Coverage for Abortion Care in Cases of Rape (Nov 2011)
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) prepared a brief to "SUPPORT THE SHAHEEN AMENDMENT To the Fiscal Year 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)." The ban on active duty servicewomen receiving abortion coverage for cases of rape and incest is contradictory to other federal exceptions that provide coverage under Department of Defense health insurance.
» Contacts/Advocates: Women Veterans Health Care & Benefits
Who can women veterans contact for information and referral? This quick, at-a-glance chart provides a by-position synopsis of women veteran health care and benefits contacts and advocates who can assist and are key to raising public awareness and promoting continuous advancement of women veterans' health care and other benefits. A brief health care and benefits milestone timeline depicting the evolution of health care for women with military service is also attached.
» CRS Report R42747: Health Care for Veterans: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (April 30, 2015)
This April 30, 2015 Congressional Research Service report (R42747) addresses frequently asked questions about veteran health care to include eligibility and enrollment, medical benefits, and costs to veterans and insurance collections.
» Dr. Patricia Hayes: 2012 Finalist Career Achievement Award
Dr. Patricia Hayes, Chief Consultant for women veterans' health care for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), was a 2012 "Service to America Medals Career Achievement" finalist. She is an outspoken women veterans' health care advocate, appointed to the VA Chief Consultant position in 2008.
» Fact Sheet: The Number of Veterans That Use VA Health Care Services (June 3, 2014)
This June 3, 2014 Congressional Research Service Report (R43579) lists the FY2001–2014 total U.S. veteran population, VA veteran enrollees and VA patients.
» Fact Sheet: VA Research on Women's Health (January 2015)
VA researchers are studying a wide range of health issues related to women Veterans to include chronic diseases, reproductive health, cancer, mental health issues, and military occupational hazards.
» Fact Sheet: VA Women Veterans Health Care (2012)
This 2012 VA Women Veterans Health Care fact sheet provides an overview of past, present and projected demand for health care services, common and gender-specific issues experienced by women veterans and what VA needs to do to better serve this veteran cohort.
» Fact Sheet: Women's Health Research at VA (March 2012)
More women veterans health research was published between 2004 and 2008 than in the previous 25 years combined. Research is critical to provide data to inform policies and programs and to secure funding to care for women veterans for generations to come.
» Fact Sheet: VA Community Care Network (CCN)
This Department of Veterans Affairs fact sheet provides an overview of the Community Care Network (CCN) established under the VA Mission Act 2018.
» GAO Report: Domestic Health Care for Female Servicemembers (January 29, 2013)
Female servicemembers are serving in more complex occupational specialties and are being deployed to combat operations, potentially leading to increased health risks. Similar to their male counterparts, female servicemembers must maintain their medical readiness; however, they have unique health care needs that require access to gender-specific services. The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 directed GAO to review a variety of issues related to health care for female servicemembers.
» Gender Disparities in Performance Measures 2008-2011
Studies of gender disparity in Veterans Health Administration (VHA) care show that VHA outperforms private and public sector health care in most quality performance measures for men and women . Gender disparities persist, both within VHA and private sector health care, and more work is needed to reduce and eliminate performance gaps at all sites of VHA care nationwide.
» Library: Servicewomen's Action Network (SWAN): Facts, Policies, Legislation & News Impacting Servicewomen & Women Veterans
Servicewomen's Action Network (SWAN), is a non-profit social justice organization, advocating on behalf of servicewomen. They intend to impact enduring change within the military and veteran service organizations and culture through reform. SWAN maintains comprehensive online information resources including facts, policies, legislation, and news about issues impacting women who serve in the military.
» Library: VA Mobile Health App
VA Mobile Health is an initiative to improve veteran health by utilizing technology that expands clinical care beyond a veteran's traditional office visit.
» Library: VA Office of Research & Development
This library is a compendium of women veteran's health research, news, videos, and links to VA partner agencies.
» Library: Veterans Online Health
This Veterans Administration "A to Z" web site is a comprehensive library of health information (text and videos) to assist Veterans to become better informed on health issues.
» National Training Summit on Women Veterans: VA Secretary Remarks (July 16, 2011)
VA Secretary Shinseki opened the 2011 VA National Training Summit on Women Veterans in Washington D.C. on July 16, 2011.
» Returning Home from Iraq and Afghanistan (March 2013)
Congress required the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to study the physical and mental health and other readjustment needs of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) committee conducted this mandated assessment in two phases.
» Sourcebook--Volume 1: Women Veterans in the Veterans Health Admistration (December 2010)
This Sourcebook Volume 1, published December 2010, is the first in a planned series of reports. This volume describes sociodemographic characteris­tics and health care utilization patterns of women Veteran patients in the VHA using Fiscal Year 2009 data. Its primary purpose is to provide data to inform policy and program planning as VHA implements and evaluates new ways of providing care to women Veterans.
» Sourcebook--Volume 2: Women Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration (October 2012)
This Sourcebook Volume 2, published October 2012, describes sociodemographic characteristics and health care utilization patterns of women Veteran patients in the VHA using Fiscal Year 2010 data. It is an update of Sourcebook Volume 1.
» Sourcebook--Volume 3: Women Veterans in the Veterans Health Administration (February 2014)
Sourcebook Volume 3, published February 2014, uses Fiscal Year 2012 data to inform policy and program planning as the Veterans Health Administration implements and evaluates new ways of providing care to women Veterans.
» State of Cardiovascular Health in Women Veterans (October 2013)
Volume 1, VHA Oupatient Diagnoses and Procedures in FY2010, in a planned series of reports evaluates CV risk factors, conditions and procedures occurring in VHA outpatient care in women and men Veterans.
» State of Reproductive Health in Women Veterans (February 2014)
This report characterizes women Veteran populations, provides an overview of reproductive health diagnoses across the life course, and identifies critical gaps in existing research needed to enhance knowledge and inform policy and research. Results inform future programmatic priorities.
» Study of Barriers for Women Veterans to VA Health Care: April 2015 (Department of Veterans Affairs)
Altarum Institute, on behalf of the Department of Veterans Affairs Women's Health Services, conducted an independent study of the barriers to comprehensive health care for women veterans in compliance with Public Law 111-163, Sec. 201-Women Veterans Health Care Matters. Nine barriers were identified and discussed.
» Survey of Female Veterans: A Study of the Needs, Attitudes and Experiences of Women Veterans (1985)
This survey, "Survey of Female Veterans: A Study of the Needs, Attitudes and Experiences of Women Veterans" along with the GAO report, “Actions Needed to Insure that Female Veterans Have Equal Access to VA Benefits” marked a pivotal 20th century turning point in VA history and their responsibility to care for female veterans as well as male veterans. In response to a 1984 request by the Senate, a survey of women veterans was conducted collecting detailed data on social, economic, demographic, and health characteristics of the women veteran population.
» Systematic Review of Women Veterans Health Research 2004-2008 (October 2010)
This project assessed the state of women veterans’ health research and stratified the literature into domains relevant for VA research and policy to address the growing demand and needs of women veterans utilizing the Veterans Administration.
» Thrive 2015: Rural Health Annual Report (Department of Veterans Affairs)
This is the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Rural Health "Annual Report."
» VA "I'm One. I Am a Proud Veteran." Campaign 2015
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Women's Health Services kicked off their "I'm One. I Am a Proud Veteran." Campaign in 2015 to encourage women veterans to take advantage of the services available to them and raise public awareness of women's military service.
» VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans: Reports, Site Visits & Minutes (1988-Present)
The VA Advisory Committee on Women Veterans (ACWV) was established and chartered in November 1983 by Public Law 98-160. The Advisory Committee on Women Veterans assesses the needs of women Veterans including Veterans Administration compensation, rehabilitation, outreach, healthcare and other services and benefits. The Committee publishes meeting minutes and a biennial report on even years with recommendations to enhance VA care.
» VA CREATE: Women Veterans Healthcare
The VA's "CREATE: Women Veterans Healthcare Initiative," one of several VA CREATE cross-functional research efforts, strives to 'conduct research to examine the essential factors that facilitate (or slow) the pace, effectiveness and outcomes of delivery of comprehensive care for women Veterans within the VA healthcare system.'
» Veterans Health Benefits Handbook (Edition Date Posted on Site)
Veterans enrolled for Department of Veterans Affairs health care receive a personalized Veterans Health Benefits Handbook providing information about the health care benefits the veteran may be eligible to receive.
» VHA Handbook 1330.01: Health Care Services for Women Veterans (May 21, 2010)
This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Handbook defines the scope of health care services to women Veterans. It delineates essential components necessary to ensure that all enrolled women Veterans have access to appropriate services, regardless of VHA site of care.
» VHA Handbook 1330.02: Women Veterans Program Manager (May 23, 2012)
This Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Handbook describes the duties and responsibilities of the Women Veterans Program Managers (WVPMs). VA's July 8, 2008 policy requires every VA Medical Center to have a full-time WVPM.
» VHA Women's Health Progress Report (August 2011)
At the time of this report, women constituted 14% of the active duty military and they represent the largest growing subpopulation of the U.S. military. Correspondingly, women are enrolling for health care from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) t record levels.
» Web Site List: Consumer Health Web Sites (January 2014)
The VA Library Network (VALNET) developed this list of web sites with the intent of reviewing it annually. It has been carefully vetted. It is organized by subject with one or two best sites selected.
» Women Veterans and Women VA Employees: Report to White House Interagency Council on Women and Girls (July 28, 2009)
This report was prepared for the "White House Interagency Council on Women and Girls." It reviews the primary VA entities and programs that impact women VA employees and women veterans, statistics, and related activities.
» Women Veterans Health Care (2013 American Legion Report)
The American Legion's System Worth Saving Task Force report focuses on women veterans’ health care.
» Women Veterans in the Women's Health Initiative/The Gerontologist (February 2016)
The "Women Veterans in the Women's Health Initiative" supplemental to "The Gerontologist" includes 13 articles by Department of Veterans Affairs researchers and colleagues comparing aging and mortality differences between veteran and non-veteran women.
» Women Veterans: The Journey Ahead (2018 Disabled American Veterans Report)
The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) 2018 Report, an update to their 2014 Report, states: “Women, now eligible to compete for assignment in all military occupational specialties and positions, are the fastest-growing subpopulation of the military and veteran communities. They comprise almost 20 percent of the active-duty armed forces, Reserve and National Guard and 10 percent of the total veteran population.

But the population of women in these communities is growing more rapidly than the systems we have in place to support them. This has created an environment in which—whether intentional or not—women’s service to the nation is often less recognized, less respected and less valued than their male counterparts.

It has led to a culture that, in many ways, continues to tell women they don’t quite belong.”
» Women Veterans: The Long Journey Home (2014 Disabled American Veterans Report)
This Disabled American Veteran (DAV) research reveals that America’s nearly 300,000 women veterans are put at risk by a system designed for and dominated by male veterans.

» Women Veterans' Health Curriculum: VA Offers Online Educational Campus to Public
The Veterans Health Administration's (VHA) "Women's Health Curriculum" is available to the public. These courses may prove beneficial to community providers caring for women with military service.